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The EAGLE S 3224 telescopic access platform with extending jib is suitable for installation on vehicles with a minimum 18t GVW.

The EAGLE S 3224 has 2 extendible articulated jibs that allow up and over work and give the operator excellent control for precise approach to high work areas. Under bridge inspections are also possible with the optional rotating 2nd jib.  These attributes make the EAGLE S 3224 a
perfect choice for
hire / rental fleets.

The EAGLE S 3224 comes highly specified with
a number of key features including a hydraulically extending platform, 10" LCD colour displays at ground and platform level and multiple outrigger positions. The EAGLE S 3224 can also be customised with a number of innovative options detailed below.

Platform Height  (400kg)                        30,0m 
Working Height 
(400kg)                        32.0m
Outreach           (120kg)                        24.0m
Outreach           (200kg)                        23.0m
Outreach           (300kg)                        22.0m
Outreach           (400kg)                        20.5m
Platform Rotation                              85 + 85
Platform Capacity                                 400kg
Unit Rotation                                           720
Platform                          2400x1000x1150mm
Platform Extension                        to 3600mm

Travel Width                                      2500mm
Working Width                                         mm
Travel Height                                     3700mm
Length                                              8400mm
Rear Overhang
Departure Angle                                           

Ideally suited to 18t 4x2 chassis from a wide
selection of manufacturers.

Oil&Steel and HSG Systems offer a comprehensive range of custom options for your platform and truck including:     
- Rotating 2nd jib
- 220 VAC single phase and 380 VAC three-phase generator
- Anemometer                                          
- Automatic stabilsation kit
- 60W spotlight in the platform for night work
- Beacons and lighting for the cab

Optional Live Work System                                                                                 
The EAGLE S 3224 can be equipped with the new LIVE WORK SYSTEM from Oil&Steel. This ultra-modern telecommunications system includes an audio/video system at both ground and platform levels, with a removable camera in the platform. Not only can the operator in the platform communicate and transmit images in real time to a colleague on the ground, but communication and images can be also be transmitted in real time over any distance. This unique and patented system ensures that the job site is always in contact with your office or client, enabling rapid delivery of advice or information and immediate inspection for damage.

With the LIVE WORK SYSTEM you always have an eye on the job.

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