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Large truck mounted platforms need to be versatile and adaptable to be commercially viable for rental customers, whilst the end users require innovative solutions to allow them to carry out their work at height.

The Oil & Steel range of HGV mounted platforms includes both telescopic and double articulated booms, and with an impressive selection of optional extras to compliment the comprehensive standard specification, Oil & Steel provide ideal solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Telescopic jibs, articulating jibs, rotating jibs, internal routing of hoses and wires are just some of the features in a range that offers up to 62m working height and 32m outreach. Various chassis manufacturers and axle configurations are possible.

SNAKE COMPACT           Platform        Working        Outreach        Platform       
Double Articulated          Height            Height                                 Capacity
Snake 2714                       24.7m             26.7m             14.6m              300kg
Snake 2815                      
25.8m             27.8m             14.5m              230kg

EAGLE S                        Platform         Working        Outreach        Platform       
Telescopic          rrr         Height             Height                                Capacity
Eagle s 3224                    30.0m              32.0m              24.0m             400kg
Eagle s 3824                    36.0m              38.0m              24.0m             400kg
Eagle s 4230                    40.0m              42.0m              30.0m             500kg
Eagle s 5031                    48.0m              50.0m              31.0m             500kg
Eagle s 6232                    60.0m              62.0m              32.0m             500kg

EAGLE                          Platform         Working         Outreach        Platform        Telescopic           rr        Height             Height                                 Capacity      
Eagle 3526                      33.0m              35.0m              26.0m             400kg
Eagle 5227                      50.0m              52.0m              27.0m             400kg
Eagle 6035                      58.0m              60.0m              35.0m             500kg

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