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The OCTOPUSSY 1401 CLASSIC was developed from the OCTOPUSSY TWIN range, focusing on impressive performance, small dimensions and low purchase cost.  The OCTOPUSSY 1401 CLASSIC is the perfect one man spider lift for end users and rental fleets alike.

OCTOPUSSY 1401 CLASSIC has an easy to remove one man platform and full hydraulic controls to minimise maintenance and keep operational costs low.

The extendible tracks optimise stability during loading and unloading and also make travelling
off road much easier. A number of optional
extras are available including a wander lead
style remote control.

Platform Height                                    12.0m 
Working Height                                    14.0m
Outreach                                               6.5m
Platform Size                      850x700x1100mm
Platform Capacity                                 120kg
Unit Rotation                                          300
Drive speed                                       1,5km/h

Width                                                780mm
Working Width                                  2980mm
Height                                              1930mm
Length (platform removed)                  3455mm
Length (including platform)                 4000mm
Weight                                               1700kg

Track / Engine                                             
Diesel engine, optional petrol engine available

Oil&Steel and HSG offer a comprehensive
range of custom options for your platform:    

- 12V AC electric outlet at the platform
- Non marking white tracks                               

- Wander lead style remote control
- Wireless remote control
- Inclinometer

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