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The OCTOPUSSY 1500 EVO is the latest innovation in tracked spider lifts from Oil&Steel. Lightweight, with excellent outrigger positioning the OCTOPUSSY 1500 EVO can perform where many competitors cannot reach or fit.

OCTOPUSSY 1500 EVO combines the critical concepts of a tracked spider platform with the construction techniques of self-propelled platforms creating an extremely sturdy structure with a futuristic design.

OCTOPUSSY 1500 EVO has a double
articulated boom with an intelligent stabilisation system allowing the operator to work only on one side while halving the space occupied by
the outriggers.

The optional
rotating jib allows 45 left and 45 right of rotation, add the standard 45 left and
45 right platform rotation for a true 90 left and
90 right rotation allowing access to the tightest spaces.

Platform Height                                    13.0m 
Working Height                                    15.0m
Outreach                                               7.0m
Platform Rotation                             45 + 45
Platform Capacity                                 200kg
Unit Rotation                                          360

Width                                                780mm
Working Width                                 2750mm
Working Width (narrow jack option)    1900mm
Height                                             1970mm
Length                                             3800mm
Weight                                              2090kg

Track / Engine                                             
Hydraulically extendible tracks
Diesel engine, optional petrol engine available

Oil&Steel and HSG offer a comprehensive
range of custom options for your platform:    

- Non marking white tracks                               
- 12V AC socket in the platform
- 60W spotlight in the platform for night work
- Rotating jib
- Wireless remote control

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