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The OCTOPUSSY 2190 is currently the largest tracked spider platform from Oil&Steel and is a robust machine suitable for extreme conditions. Utilising the double articulated boom style of the OCTOPUSSY range the OCTOPUSSY 2190 is ideal for tree work, fašades, outdoor maintenance and areas with difficult access.

OCTOPUSSY 2190 has an easy to remove two man platform and comes with full hydraulic controls to minimise maintenance and keep operational costs low.

Thanks to the excellent torque from the Hatz engine the OCTOPUSSY 2190 can comfortably travel over steep hills and off-road terrain, coupled with excellent stabiliser configuration the OCTOPUSSY 2190 excels on sloping ground.

Platform Height                                    19.0m 
Working Height                                    21.0m
Outreach                                               9.0m
Platform Size                    1400x700x1100mm
Platform Capacity                                 200kg
Platform Rotation                            
90║ + 90
Unit Rotation                                          350║
Drive speed                               1,5 - 5,0km/h

Width                                              1150mm
Working Width                                 3550mm
Height                                             2450mm
Length                                             5220mm
Weight                                              3100kg

Track / Engine                                             
Hatz diesel engine

Oil&Steel and HSG offer a comprehensive
range of custom options for your platform:    

- Non marking white tracks                               
- Track casing
- Pneumatic line to platform
- Inclinometer

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