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Whilst UK driver licencing changed in January 1997 it has taken considerable time for the full effects to be felt by businesses. Oil&Steel recognise that utilising this GVW class is vital for your fleet planning and provide a comprehensive range of chassis mounted aerial platforms from 14m to 23m.

As the leading manufacturer of vehicle mounted access platforms in the 3.5t sector Oil&Steel offer 3 options of boom style;
Snake Compact   Double Articulated
Scorpion             Telescopic
Snake Smart       Articulated.

Continual engineering development and partnerships with chassis manufacturers ensures that the Oil&Steel products will be constantly revised to meet changing customer requirements and remain at the forefront of the 3.5t market for the foreseeable future.

SNAKE COMPACT          Platform          Working        Outreach       Platform       
Double Articulated         Height              Height                               Cap
Snake 1770 RE                15.2m               17.2m               7.4m             220kg
Snake 2010 RE                18.0m               20.0m              10.0m            200kg
Snake 2010 REL              18.0m               20.0m              10.0m            200kg
Snake 2311 REL               20.8m              22.8m               10.3m           200kg

SCORPION SMART       Platform          Working          Outreach      Platform       
Telescopic          rr         Height              Height                                Capacity
Scorpion 1490                 12.0m               14.0m                9.0m            200kg
Scorpion 1812                 16.0m               18.0m               12.0m           200kg
Scorpion 2012                 18.0m               20.0m               12.0m           200kg

SNAKE SMART      r     Platform          Working           Outreach      Platform       
Articulated                   Height              Height                                 Capacity
Snake 189                      16.0m               18.0m                9.0m            200kg
Snake 2112                    19.0m               21.0m               12.0m            200kg

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