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The SCORPION 15E was designed from the ground up for installation on the Mercedes Unimog U20 chassis and is preferred by a number of distribution companies across Europe.

Importantly the installation is Mercedes Approved ensuring the chassis warranty remains valid and the platform does not reduce the driving performance of the Mercedes Unimog U20.

Fast setup, and narrow outrigger spread ensure the SCORPION 15E is ready to work wherever and whenever you need it to, with a 15m telescopic boom and fibreglass platform (1Kv insulation) it is ideally suited to distribution line work.

A high level of standard specification, developed for the utility industry means you should be able to use your SCORPION 15E whatever the weather, time of day or application.

Platform Height                                     13.9m 
Working Height                                     15.9m
Outreach (200kg)                                  10.3m
Platform Rotation                              90 + 90
Platform Capacity                                  200kg
Unit Rotation                                           700

Travel Width                                      2200mm
Working Width                                  2363mm
Travel Height                                     3555mm
Length                                              6435mm
Departure Angle                                        23
Rear Overhang

Designed specially for:
Mercedes Unimog U20
8,5t GVW
3400mm wheelbase

60W spotlight in the platform
220/110v AC socket in the platform
1Kv insulated Fibreglass platform (1400x700x1100mm)
Rear spotlight for vehicle deck
Fire extinguisher
Traffic cone port
Sign holder
1 x Stainless steel tool box (1000x500x400mm)
1 x Stainless steel tool box (1500x500x400mm)

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