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When you need to work at height, but access to the work area is restricted by door height, width or floor loading limits, a tracked spider platform can be the solution. Perfect for internal works, due to the compact, lightweight designs with non-marking tracks, the OCTOPUSSY range can reach up to 21m even if the entrance is a single doorway, 

Externally the OCTOPUSSY range can fit cope with alleyways, small gates and tight corners to get to the job. The low ground pressure means work can be carried out where similar height self-propelled MEWPS could not stand.

Most designs can be towed on a trailer reducing delivery costs and utilising existing fleet vehicles. HSG can also supply twin axle trailers designed specifically for tracked spider platforms, ensuring that loading and unloading is quick, easy and safe.

Oil&Steel have been manufacturing the OCTOPUSSY range of tracked spider platforms since 1995. As one of the pioneers of the product style Oil&Steel understand the key requirements for a successful design and have continually invested in research and development to produce market leading machinery.

      rr      Platform         Working          Outreach         Platform      
EVO                    rr L     Height            Height                                   Capacity      
Octopussy 1500             13.0m              15.0m                6.5m               200kg
Octopussy 1800             16.0m              18.0m                6.5m               200kg

OCTOPUSSY       rr     Platform          Working          Outreach         Platform      
CLASSIC           LLL     Height             Height                                   Capacity      
Octopussy 1401             12.0m              14.0m                6.5m               120kg
Octopussy 1402             12.0m              14.0m                6.5m               200kg

OCTOPUSSY     rrr     Platform          Working           Outreach         Platform      
TWIN                  LL     Height             Height                                    Capacity      
Octopussy 1412            12.0m              14.0m                 6.4m               200kg
Octopussy 1715            15.0m              17.0m                 6.8m               200kg

OCTOPUSSY     rrr    Platform          Working            Outreach         Platform      
                     rr            Height             Height                                    Capacity      
Octopussy 2190            19.0m              21.0m                 9.0m               200kg

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